A week ago, Mark Hamill uncovered that Anthony Daniels is in Solo, persuading that C-3PO would have been in the film. What’s more, is there any valid reason why everybody wouldn’t trust that? Daniels has played the brilliant droid in each Star Wars film up to this point, and also other related tasks. In any case, Solo is an alternate story and rather includes Anthony Daniels as Chewbacca’s terrible closest companion named Sagwa.

Subsequent to seeing some special film of Solo it was anything but difficult to recognize another Wookiee in a short, squint and-you-miss-it scene. Numerous Star Wars fans guessed that it was Chewie’s better half Malla since the two Wookiees were seen grasping. Nonetheless, Ron Howard as of late uncovered that the new Wookiee being referred to isn’t Malla, which is something worth being thankful for, in light of the fact that this thing is cracking terrible. Solo screenwriters Lawrence and Jon Kasdan have uncovered that his name is Sagwa and depict him as “somewhat of a stoner” and “like Bill and Ted.” That doesn’t generally clarify his looks however, unless he’s somewhat of a lethargic, unkept stoner.

Jon Kasdan went into somewhat more detail portraying the revolting Wookiee in Solo: A Star Wars Story, however not discussing his looks. Anthony Daniels’ Sagwa character is extremely useful to Han Solo and Chewie, regardless of his appearance. Things being what they are, Sagwa tries to get them on to another ship amid a gigantic fight grouping. Kasdan had this to say in regards to the new monstrous Wookiee.

“In the Papillon write branch story, the Wookiee that encourages them get away from, Chewbacca’s closest companion, is played by Anthony Daniels, and coaxes him to go along with them as they escape on an alternate ship.”

The same number of Star Wars fans know, Anthony Daniels has played C-3PO in each significant motion picture in the establishment. At the point when asked about for what valid reason 3PO wasn’t in Solo, Jon Kasdan basically stated, “There are a great deal of things about this motion picture that are not quite the same as all the others.” That may be valid, however that is an entirely striking move to part from Star Wars custom like that, particularly when Daniels is depicting one of the weirdest looking things that Lucasfilm has ever put on the extra large screen, which is truly saying something. There’s been a considerable measure of changed animals in the Star Wars universe, however none very like Sagwa.

Despite the fact that Anthony Daniels isn’t playing C-3PO in Solo, the motion picture is as yet getting a great deal of good press from the main responses. Pundits and the fortunate fans who have seen the turn off film have all commended the execution of Alden Ehrenreich, with the first Han Solo, Harrison Ford, notwithstanding giving Ehrenreich his seal of endorsement, calling what the youthful performing artist did “awesome.” That Ford said anything in regards to the motion picture at all is entirely stunning, yet it’s getting harder to figure why he didn’t specify Sagwa the revolting Wookiee. You can read more about Anthony Daniels discarding the gold outfit to play Sagwa over at Uproxx.